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Hindu Wedding Vows

The following Hindu wedding vows were recited at Anamika and Atharv’s nuptials and were sent to us by the couple, who mentioned how much the Desh-Videsh wedding-specific issue helped in planning their wedding. This poetry was composed by Anamika. We are publishing here with their consent. Additionally, they have informed us that any newlyweds are welcome to utilize these vows.

In the presence of the divine,
With the blessings of the divine,
We take our wedding vows,
To cherish each other, forever and now.

We vow to love and honor,
To respect and support each other,
In joy and sorrow, in good times and bad,
Our love will only grow, never fade.

We pledge to be each other’s strength,
To be there for each other, at any length,
To share our joys and sorrows,
And face the challenges, for a better tomorrow.

We promise to be loyal and faithful,
To always be truthful and graceful,
To be each other’s best friend,
Till the very end.

We take the seven sacred steps,
To bind our souls, in eternal love,
To nourish and cherish our union,
As we embark on this new journey, as one.

May our love grow stronger,
With every passing day,
May we find happiness and contentment,
In each other’s company, every day.

With these wedding vows, we unite,
In a bond, that will never break or fight,
For we are meant to be, forever,
A union blessed by the divine, together.

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