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With sacred fire and holy chants,
Two hearts beat as one,
As they make vows of eternal love,
Under the bright, shining sun.

With Saat Phere, they take seven rounds,
Promising to walk hand in hand,
Together they vow to build a life,
That’s filled with love, trust, and stand.

With the Mangal Sutra, they seal their bond,
As they vow to cherish and care,
For each other, forevermore,
Through life’s joys and despair.

The bride vows to be her husband’s strength,
To support him in every way,
While the groom vows to be her protector,
Till the end of their days.

They promise to respect each other’s families,
And to uphold each other’s honor,
To be each other’s rock and shelter,
Through every moment, good or bad, forever.

Thus, in this sacred union,
The bride and groom take their vows,
Promising to love and cherish each other,
As they embark on their journey, 
with marriage’s sacred bows.

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