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The original text of the saptapadi was written in Hindu scripture in Sanskrit language. For many, it can be too complicated to understand practical meaning. One Hindu Scripture and English Scholar (whose name is unknown) put these slokas of saptapadi in a romantic way as follows:

Walk with me four steps and three,
I seek thy hand;
let me not break from thee,
nor thou from me.
Let us swear in joy and strength,
One in thought and deed, one within.
Heaven and earth are me and thee,
Seed am I for thee to bloom.
Word and mind are thee and me
Be my friend and make me groom
Come my mate and blend with me,
For sons and weal, O cheerful girl!

What a beautiful message! Addressing the bride as ‘Mate,’ the man describes the nature of the bond that shall grow between him and her and that the journey is exciting. These mantras reveal how the relationship between man and woman should materialize, like heaven and earth, music and hymn, mind and word.


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