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2016 MyShadi Bridal Expo Fashion Sponsor – Exclusive Designs By Khairun Rajwany

Exclusive Designs By Khairun Rajwany

Learn more about one of the 2016 Fort Lauderdale MyShadi Bridal Expo Fashion Sponsors below.

“Exclusive Design By Khairun Rajwany” was established 7 years ago  when I felt a lack of high quality, and customized designer outfits in South Florida.  I carry my own In house brand as well as, keeping outfits from top designers of Pakistan.

All my designs are hand crafted by the best karighars in Pakistan under my guidance and supervision. My team helps me deliver high quality pieces with intricate details and reasonable price range.  I can deliver an outfit from time of order to pick up for my clients as early as 1 week if needed.

I truly believe that ones work should speak for itself.  I am very fortunate to make life-long relationships with my clients who have not only helped me to market my brand, amongst their friends and families but have also become very close to me.

Apart from running a full time fashion studio and being a Montessori teacher, I am also blessed to be a mother of 2 wonderful boys. I want to thank my family and friends who have always been my inspiration and support throughout my journey in making the ladies in South Florida look fashionably chic and beautiful.

Choreographed by
Khairun Rajwany
Clothing by
Exclusive Fashion Showcase

Exclusive Design By Khairun Rajwany


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