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Le Trend Boutique Fashion Show – Participating Models Orlando 2019

JULIA BALESA graduate of Furman University with a degree in computer science and Chinese, Julia spent 2 years in Beijing and 8 years in Hong Kong developing the Asian cruise market. Julia is now chief digital officer for Go Travel in Orlando and enjoys training in aerial silks and acrobatics.
MALINI BHRAMDATMalini Bhramdat is a dancer and model by passion and student by nature. A recent graduate from the University of Central Florida, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work and aspires to be a mental health counselor. One step at a time, she believes everyone can contribute to making a difference. Her favorite quotes comes from Gandhi ji, “Be The Change That You Wish to See in The World,” is exactly how she plans to live her life. She truly believes that the most important thing we have is love. Dash and sprinkle love everywhere and watch how the world blooms!
LAUren CorAzzA
Lauren CorazzaLauren Corazza, 23, is a dancer for Bang Energy and Insomniac Events. She is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a major in Sports and Exercise Science. Lauren is an obsessive dog mom to her beloved French Bulldog, Ella. She also loves to attend the best music festivals in the world while dancing under the stars to her favorite Dj’s.
ROSANNA BARSATIRosanna earned her Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law and graduated with a certificate in International Law. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts from Stetson University. She currently works at the Law Office of Paulette Hamilton assisting with divorce, immigration, and bankruptcy matters. Rosanna was published as a contributor in the International Lawyer Year in Review 2015 Kickoff for the Africa Committee. Her written contributions focus on facts based upon extensive research of the political environment in Somalia and Burundi with respect to First Amendment freedoms and country conditions. In 2015, Rosanna served as a panelist for TedX FSCJ where she helped facilitate a discussion on Refugees, Immigration, and Muslims in America. Rosanna has participated as a model in the Desh Videsh Orlando MyShadi Bridal Expo since 2009 and regularly features clothing items by LeTrend Boutique. She was featured on the cover of the Desh Videsh magazine Luxury Edition in November 2015. Rosanna’s hobbies include drumming, paddle boarding, and traveling internationally. She also enjoys belly dancing for parties and wedding events.
Gabriela CorreaGabriela Correa, 23, was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. She moved to Orlando at the 19 to attend Full Sail University and graduated at the age of 22 with a bachelors degree in show production. In late 2018 she started her own company doing events and techno parties. She enjoys traveling, at-tending music festivals, working out, and competing in fitness competitions.
dJ kriSh
DJ KRISHKrish is a 27-year old International DJ and MC from New Jersey and now lives in Ocala, Florida. He graduated from The University of Florida in 2014 with a Major in Business Marketing and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. Recently, he branched out and began a new business with premium skincare brand Rodan + Fields. Whenever he’s not actively engaged in work, he loves riding his motorcycle and trying new things like modeling for Le Trend Boutique! Follow Krish @OFFICIALKRISH on Instagram and Facebook!
ashLeigh MarkeL
ASHLEIGH MARKELAshleigh Markel, 31, has been living in Orlando since graduating from Rollins College in 2010 with a degree in International Relations and Political Science. She currently works as a flight attendant and Inflight Instructor and Recruiter full time. She is also a professional Bellydancer and instructor and performs at Epcot’s Morocco pavilion in Walt Disney World. She performs internationally, as well, and was recently featured on the cover of Bellydance Japan Magazine. She is very excited and honored to be modeling for Le Trend Boutique for the first time!
Amanda-NathAmanda Nath, 28, was born and Raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is a registered nurse with her Bachelors of Science Nursing (BSN), who has focused her career on critical care. Currently in a doctoral program Amanda is pursuing her dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner. Amanda has done Bollywood dancing both recreationally and competitively from age 10 to 22 she is extremely family ori-ented and is honored to participate in this year’s fashion show!
keLseY pHAn
Kelsey-PhanKelsey Phan is graduating from Florida Atlantic uni-versity with a bachelor’s in Business management. Once she graduates she hopes to travel the states then around the world. She enjoys doing volunteer work, modeling, and hanging out with her 2 year old pitbull Magnus Maximus. She has an amazing support system that encourages her to grow while helping her through any obstacles she encounters. She strives to be a decent human being everyday and hopes to put a smile on everyone she meets
aManda PhaM
AMANDA PHAMAmanda Pham, 28, is the Creative Director for Advanced Aesthetics. She is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a major in journalism and a minor in writing and rhetoric. She is the 2011 Miss Vietnam Florida Queen and 2015 Miss National Asia 1st Runner up. She loves to dabble into fashion and beauty blogging, traveling and eating delicious food from different cultures.
ASHLEY SHAHAshley Shah, 27, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She is also the mother of two wonderful kids, Isabella and Isaiah. Enjoying family time with her kids is what she loves the most. She was the winner of Miss Indo Caribbean 2011 and has been modeling since her teenage days. She graduated in 2012 with her dental assistant degree. One day, she dreams to become a Bollywood actress (crosses fingers). Not only has she been modeling for the MyShadi Bridal Expo for about nine years now, but has been modeling professionally.


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