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Zainab’s Haute Collections is a boutique consisting of items ranging from clothing to jewelry. Sabera Hussain founded the company in 2011. Sabera Hussain was always fond of art such as designing, painting, and even curating jewelry during her free time. While Sabera Hussain was also an entrepreneur, she always made sure to make some time for her hobbies within her busy schedule.

Zainab’s Haute Collections was initially a jewelry store that held handmade jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and earrings made by the owner herself. What makes Zainab’s Haute Collections different and exclusive from other handmade jewelry stores and boutiques are the variety of semi-precious stone jewelry that the store has for customers. Sabera Hussain, the designer, makes sure to create a range of designs to suit all women’s tastes that includes ethnic, indo-western and western designs.

Zainab’s was popular among jewelry enthusiasts of Bangladesh, as it provided refreshing and exclusive designer jewelry that were always aesthetically pleasing. After receiving positive acclaim from Bangladeshi customers, Sabera Hussain decided to incorporate more of her interests in her new venture—this time she incorporated Indian ethnic wear to her collection.

The Indian Wear collection at Zainab’s Haute Collections is a compilation of some of the trendiest clothing, from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to please all customers’ tastes. It holds sarees, kurti sets, and anarkalis for all customers and are available at all forms of ranges.

Sabera Hussain, a mother, a jewelry designer, and an entrepreneur embarked on an exciting journey when she started her own venture, Zainab’s Haute Collections. The store contains handmade jewelry made of semiprecious stones from around the world, as well as Indian attire that satisfy everyone’s style and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Being interested in the creative arts since childhood, Sabera Hussain always wanted to incorporate her interests and hobbies into her entrepreneurship skills, which lead to the creation of Zainab’s Haute Collections. Zainab’s Haute Collections gives clients the opportunities to enhance their wardrobe with some of the trendiest Indian, and Indo- Western clothing and jewelry of present day. Zainab’s consists of clothing from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and its products are surely going to make heads turn when one wears them.

Receiving positive acclaim from Bangladeshi clients where Zainab’s Haute Collections first started, it has made its way to the U.S. and continues to be one of the most exclusive fashion boutiques of the area! Zainab’s Haute Collections not only contains Indian clothing, but also adds her personal touch to the boutique with her handmade jewelry. Thus, Zainab’s Haute Collections is a very stylish mix of classic and feminine style for the sophisticated woman

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