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Shaveta Jain: Former Mrs. India International

Multi-talented and multi-dimensional Shaveta Jain embraces a wide range of roles including IT professional, loving wife, caring mother of two daughters, cultural ambassador, and tireless, compassionate social activist.

Shaveta earned her Masters in Mathematics from IIT Delhi and R&D program from IIT, Powai, India. She began her career with HSBC in New Delhi before heading to Europe after her wedding to close friend, Anuj Jain. After two years in Europe, the couple moved to the United States, and are now proud parents of two young, high achieving and respectful daughters.

In 2012, Shaveta competed against married women of Indian origin from all over the world for the title of Mrs. India International. After several interviews and rounds, Shaveta emerged as the winner, and later proudly represented India at an International platform in Chicago alongside 57 international beauties from all over the world. For her success at the pageant, she gives a huge credit to her immediate family, friends, community members and local businesses for their support and encouragement throughout the completion.

Winning the title was not the destination for Shaveta, but just a beginning of her journey towards community service. She initiated the Candle Vigil and Peace Walk for New Delhi Rape Victim Damini, which was supported by local organizations and community leaders. As a committed community leader, she continues to conduct pledge drives for NPOs such as Vibha, American India Foundation, Kohie Goth Hospital for Women and many others.

On a performing arts spectrum, Shaveta has traveled across the US, giving theatrical performances in comical, social and serious roles. She has also appeared in several Bollywood recitals as a skilled dancer and done still photography modeling for various leading boutiques and designers. Shaveta also teaches fashion photography and ramp walk to aspiring models.

Currently she is the Brand Ambassador of Mrs. India International Pageant system for United States Chapter and says, she has realized firsthand how empowering, confidence boosting and self-liberating a platform can be, and sometimes that is all one if he/she is capable. The pageant platform extended her opportunities to live her dream and be an integral part of the community. Keeping that in mind, she decided to extend the platform to many interested youth, men and women of the community. She believes it is only meaningful to be powerful if you can use your power to empower others!

Shaveta Jain is a genuine inspiring and motivating role model for the community! With all her innate resolve and potential, she is bound to soar higher and higher.

Written by Mahadev Desai and abridged by Ravindra Dave

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