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Nagasree Sathya (Sree)

 Nagasree Sathya (Sree) I am Nagasree Sathya (Sree) living in Pembroke Pines, FL with family, I graduated in India and here in USA. My passion and interests are in arts, design, clothes and jewelry. I have always thought the best way to feel confident is by feeling confident in what we are wearing, and I believe that, we as woman represent ourselves, our family, and our culture to the outside world. Our presence and what we wear shows who we are. Also believe that every woman looks gorgeous if she has desirable dress, not expensive one.I had a problem where I cannot find blouses that fit me well and I could not find matching jewelry.

To overcome this, I asked my friends and family to send complete dresses including the jewelry to wear on special occasions. I realized that it is not just me who is having this problem but instead everyone having similar issue, so I was helping few friends few years and finally “Miami Ethnic” started on 2017. I am happy to say that whenever someone leaves my boutique, they always leave with a smile which in turn makes me more motivated to put 100% onto this business.





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Miami Ethnic


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