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Jewelry by A La Couture by Ruma

á La Couture came into existence in the early part of 2010. At the time, home based online businesses were the new up and coming trend and quickly on the rise. One thing many of these home based businesses lacked was customer service. Being a customer to many online businesses, in particular for Indian and Pakistani apparel- I often felt ripped off and cheated once I got the product in hand. Going through these personal experiences made me realize how important it is to have good customer service, honest pricing, and consistency in quality with every product. With a passion for fashion and years of experience in the retail industry- I decided it was time to open something more than just a storefront online, but more so a pleasurable shopping experience for EVERY client, EVERY time.

á La Couture prides in saying that we have successfully been in business for 5+ years with an exceptional satisfaction rate with every client. We strive to continue providing quality products,

 offer competitive pricing, and of course- great customer service to every client. My label isn’t meant to push my own personal style upon you, it’s to accentuate your own beauty…the clothes and accessories are used to embellesh strong, beautiful, and classy women á la couture…”in the manner of fashion” RMP

Jewelry by A La Couture by Ruma
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