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Designed By Parul

Designed By Parul

“When I close my eyes, that’s where my creativity starts. Extreme darkness is my pallet…and, it’s where I see color.” Parul Patel, a proud 40-year old Emergency Physician, Wife and Mother of two, exclaims as she peers into a wooden box full of colorful and decorative fabric. “As a teen, I was chastised for not dressing and looking like the rest of my peers.  I would tear my jeans, dye my hair every color imaginable, and wear my own cut-and-sew clothing.  The crazy thing is that I’m still doing this today.” Fostering her creativity has been interwoven into her daily life as she’s dabbled into everything from photography to home design and to baking custom cakes. And, over the past twenty-plus years, Parul has collected both classical and contemporary fabrics and embellishments throughout her worldwide travels and from her mother’s extensive collection of old saris – all in hopes of one day creating her own line.

When asked about what drives her both personally and professionally, Parul proclaimed that, “I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a supporting family that has allowed me to juggle my time in order to pursue my passion.  Everyone needs an outlet and designing to me is a form of meditation.  I enjoy every part of the process and love it when I get into my zone.  I have worked hard over the years to achieve all of my dreams and to hopefully act as a positive role model to my children and to the younger generation.  I truly believe that anything is possible as long as you keep taking steps forward.”   Parul is definitely bringing a refreshing new collection for Indian-American women looking for designs that evoke unique expressions.  Her first 2015 collection from Eclectic Designs is named after her Daughter Siya.

Designed By Parul


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